Wednesday, 27 July 2011

WOW: Chain Yarn Scarf

WOW = WIPs On Wednesdays

This is chain yarn. A friend of mine kindly thought of me when trying some out herself. This is the first time I have come across it and I have to say – I am hooked! You chain on 6 rows and simply knit into every chain every inch. When it is wound it looks like thick yarn and when you start knitting you pull the yarn out and knit into the chain. It’s intriguing and I love the cascading (and effortless effect).

The yarn is from, (manufacturer’s site) and I haven’t found an online store which stocks it yet. I would love to buy this yarn online, so if anyone knows where I can find it, please let me know as I would love to get it in a cotton or wool blend.

Yes, I know….I’ve started another WIP!


  1. What amazing yarn! I did find it online at
    I think I need to order some and give it a try too!

  2. I am waiting for a delivery of it myself. I found it at a Lincraft store.It has been very popular and a new delivery is expected mid august, however they sourced some for me in NSW stores. You can see it online here -

  3. Wow, I'm making something similar. I will take a picture and posted in my WIP. Love that yarn!

  4. I'd hope you'd start a new WIP - you finished Heart's Desire! :)

    Your quilting is marvellous!

    That yarn looks intriguing too.

  5. Available from Lincraft and another Moda yarn similar for Craftee Collection at Oakleigh. He yarn from Craftee is finer and has a glitter thread.

  6. You can get this Katia yarn and many others at Katia Triana Yarn page. They also stock many other Katia yarns, so call them for more information on 0208 950 5445, or email


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