Wednesday, 3 July 2013

WOW: Calm after the BOM?

WOW = WIPs On Wednesdays
Was it naive to assume there'd be calm after the BOM? 
I thought that once I'd launched I'd go back to my sewing pile (some shirts I''ve been meaning to make for the last 6 months), maybe finish my winter afghan and think about the best date the launch the next BOM (don't want to overwhelm the group message board); Rose, Cherry & Lily...
Not So! Things are just getting busier! Our Yahoo Group has grown by 500 members this fortnight and our activity in the group has been busy and excited. I'm waiting to hear back on some fabric I'd inquired about and want to use for this BOM and lastly, I've decided that I simply have to seen some 1790 quilts with my own eyes. So I'm hitting the road, it's early this morning and I am heading out to Brisbane to see the V & A exhibition for myself as it's not stopping in Melbourne. A roadtrip!
Slowing down? Hardly!
What's going on in your wednesday?


  1. Hope you enjoy your road trip you earned it!!!

  2. You made us all crazy with this quilt LOL. I just wrote on my blog about the colors I'm going to use ... and now I'm of to start with the compass !!
    Thanks again for sharing this beauty with us all.

  3. Oh, Esther, seeing those old quilts for yourself will make you even more enthusiastic (if that's possible). Have a wonderful time, you will love seeing all the old fabrics!

  4. Hi Esther

    When will you be in town? Queensland quilters is on next week, would live to catch up with you While you are in Brisbane. Janet

  5. you have the BEST reason for a visit to the V&A exhibition.. what a pain it is not coming to the other states

  6. It has been AMAZING to see all the discussion and all the compasses under construction.

  7. My mind is spinning. I just joined this BOM group today, printed out the first packets, and haven't had even a minute to read them. I'm going to be awake all night trying to figure out colors and fabric. Thank you so much for letting me join!

  8. Have a nice trip! It must be great to see so many people starting your BOM.

  9. I am interested in your thoughts on the exhibition - I will go see it at a later stage (I believe the gallery is very beautiful!). Hope you have a wonderful time!
    KK :)


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