Wednesday, 30 April 2014

WOW: LE centre circling stars

WOW = WIPs On Wednesday 

I am growing more and more in love with this quilt, if that were possible

So much hand stitching, so many stars, I feel all starred out! I chose assorted scrappy fabrics for the crown, but for the stars I wanted to emphasis the compass colours again as a kind of unity because my hearts are pink and the flowers will be colourful. 

This means that the corner vases will have to be in the browns or scrappy. I will know when I get to that point. I had thought about pulling out some fabrics earlier and setting them aside, but I know now that LE will decide, I'll just go with what feels right on the day. 

On Friday I'll be posting how I made my stars in further detail...

What's Your WOW? 


  1. it looks like your LE is coming along nicely!

  2. Looks lovely Esther, really like your embroidery for your little flowers, Jenny

  3. I just love everything that you do! Maybe you have shared it but I haven't found it. Would you be willing to share what fabric you use for your background? I have trouble finding the quality I want for applique. Thanks! XO

  4. Ooh, your LE project is just breathtaking!! I may have asked you this before... Have you marked your entire applique design on the background with pencil? I am learning applique from a variety of books and am still a beginner (so no LE for me -- not yet!). First I tried using a light box to place my applique shapes, but that was a pain in the tushy because I could only position pieces when I was at home in the studio. Then I tried the Piece O'Cake method with the wretched vinyl overlay and I am having a TERRIBLE time trying to keep the background and the sticky, stinky vinyl lined up properly while I slide applique shapes in between. I need a new method to try!

  5. Esther your scrappy LE looks lovely, just be prepared to have a few sleepless nights as LE is very demanding and addictive. I have often seen the hands on clock at 2am !!!!! But oh the joy of seeing this quilt grow is worth every minute you spend on it. I'm playing now with making the pieces for Part 11 even though I still have two more vases of flowers to make LOL. Part 11 is so so beautiful to work with. Cheers Glenda

  6. Beautiful hand stitching. I've been following the progress of this quilt from the start and will till the end. This is a treasure in progress.

  7. The only thing I've really ever hand stitched was my bunnies for my bunny quilt.
    I think the applique was taught at a workshop by Kelly Ashton.

  8. My goodness, your LE is going to be stunning.

    Pretty demanding lady, isn't she, Love Entwined :o))

    Enjoy the journey. So glad I am here to follow it.

    Anne Marieke

  9. Love, love, love your scrappy LE.

  10. Dear Esther

    I am inspired, have read all your blog posts. Love Entwined is an amazing quilt. Everyone who make the quilt, is doing it in their own colours, following their own way of doing it. It is a pure group with creative energy, all positive. I have started mine, on the weekend. Both my sons want one, one a purple and green, the other a red and white. They will receive these one day when they get married. Thank you for sharing this pattern with us. I hope the owner of the original quilt will view all our quilts when they are done! Maybe, just maybe they will want to share an image of the original with the rest of us. We never need to know who they are or where they abide. This is an iconic quilt, Dear Jane is another.
    WIP's is a treat.

  11. Esther, I love reading your Blog. Thanks for all your technics also. I have not started my LE, even though I have been very excited about the quilt ever since your 1st blog entry about it. I still plan on starting LE. I have a big B'day coming up maybe that will be the time.


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