Wednesday, 2 April 2014

WOW: Preparing my Red LE

WOW = WIPs On Wednesdays 

I'm afraid that the dishwasher is going to have to wait to be unloaded, I've got things to do!
Today I've started early and I'm planning on drawing up my Red and White LE onto my background fabric so I can go ahead with the crown, if I'd known I was going to make two, I would have drawn them both up at once as it would have saved so much time and energy, I like getting parts done and moving ahead so its hard to go back to this prep stage. But it will be worth it once my compass is stitched down into the centre position.

It's hard to believe I've turned the calendar page to April yesterday, it feels like just last week that I was unpacking the Christmas decorations.  The fleeting weeks remind me that its what I do in little bits that adds up so quickly, so a few evenings here and there in addition to my Wednesday quilt days will really help me have a productive year.

How do you plan your year? Do you plan around your interests or hobbies or goals? 
Or do you enjoy them as and when you can?

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Whats Your WOW? 


  1. I enjoy the year as it comes and really plan nothing in particular around hobbies - if I travel the hand work goes with me. You are right the past month flew by! we are happy about that as it is now spring here in lower of the US States

  2. Hi Esther may I ask what you are drawing on. It seem such a large piece. I can't believe you are making two of these beauties.
    Hugs Bunny

  3. Two?! :) I'd be lucky to do one, but will enjoy watching yours come together. What do you use to mark your background--is it a pen?

  4. I don't plan my year. It's as it comes. At the first of the year I look at all the BOMs online and try to limit myself to just a couple. Then things start springing in - like now I have a birthday gift to finish and a big Thank you Gift to start - due in 6 weeks. Oh dear.

  5. I have made ​​many baskets and therefore brought the last for WOW. Your blog and your works are beautiful!
    Hugs, Marion

  6. I seem to bank back and forth according to deadline! In the quiet times I just sew on a ufo or sew for fun! I tried to plan but it doesn't work for me! I have to design the next challenge piece now, one with hula dancing on it!
    Leeanna Paylor

  7. I am loving seeing your progress with LE, Esther!
    I try to avoid too much planning as the pressure of deadlines reduces the pleasure for me. I have several different projects on the go, so if I feel like doing handwork or machine work, I've a project to suit my mood.
    The downside is trying to keep the materials for each project organised - and it takes longer to finish anything. I use labelled plastic bags, but even these can hide themselves in my workroom!

  8. Esther - I'm very new to applique but in the planning stages for LE. What do you use when you are drawing the pattern on your background fabric?

  9. It is hard to believe that April is already here.
    As I sit here with a chill it makes it even harder to believe. When is it going to get warm and stay that way?

  10. I can definitely see why unloading the dishwasher would need to sit on the back burner! What beautiful work you've got going on! :)

  11. Morning Esther, I can not plan even a day ahead in my family, i learnt at a very early stage in my marriage don't plan on any thing, my hubby is an aircraft engineer and its like been married to a GP get ready to go out and the phone rings its an emergency , and your husband disappears for an hour or a day or a week????? It is worse now all my boys are married and living close I have them and their children wanting Mum or Gran but I would have it no other way. What I do try now is not to start any new projects and try and work on finishing at least one of my WIP's each year!!!!!! But your designs are so beautiful it is very difficult to do that LOL. Cheers Glenda

  12. Hi Esther, Just about to get on to prep the background and the insertion of the compass . Did you transfer the pattern on your background before stabilizing the outer edges with zig zag and adding basting for the registration markings?
    I spend a good deal of time looking at the conversations. that too has many choices on how to proceed. Now to decide.
    I know once I get past this part there will be no stopping me and I will be entranced. this may be why I am dragging my feet now!
    So happy I joined in. its all so exciting and nice to share the experience with so many.
    SuzanneY,New York

  13. Here in the Netherlands it is wednesday night and I was finally going to link up... but unfortunately it is closed already. Next time better....

  14. By the way, I did want to tell you I used the mentioned friction pen on red and after ironing it away there was still a line visible.....


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