Wednesday, 11 June 2014

WOW: Prioritizing WIPs

WOW = WIPs On Wednesday 

I'd actually forgotten I ever made this quilt top, until I found it last night in a cupboard. This is the risk of having so many WIPs, you might actually forget some of them exist! This quilt needs to be basted and quilted. I'm in a real dilemma with it because I have several quilts to be basted and don't have the time to do it myself (on the floor, using the wooden plank method) and my quilting time is so precious nowadays. 

I'm not sure what I'll do with it at the moment. I have some more sorting to get through this week. I have been downsizing for about 3 years (attempting to downsize might be a more accurate description) but whenever I decide to straighten things out, I find hidden gems and get distracted all over again. 

The plan today is to uncover all these put aside my WIPs and come up with a basting plan for them so I can finally have them finished!

What's Your WOW ?


  1. that is a pretty top. I've always kept myself under control because I do not want to have too many UFO's, although I do work on 4 to 6 at a time I have been able to keep caught up pretty well - right now only one waiting in line to be quilted - but by the end of the year? who knows!

  2. This is a very pretty quilt top. It would be lovely when all quilted. May I suggest you baste a little each day and soon it will be ready for quilting.

  3. What about getting a longarmer to base them for you? Then they will be ready for quilting whenever you have time. This one, like all of yours, is beautiful!

    1. Being a longarmer, I can tell you that I would baste a quilt for someone...See if you can find one in your local area...saves wear and tear on the knees :)

  4. What a find! Love it, Esther. Vicki W has a good idea.

  5. This is really pretty! I like the long arm basting idea. I've considered that for some of my unfinished tops. The top is too lovely not to be finished.

  6. What a lovely surprise to discover tucked away in a cupboard! I don't think you should pressure yourself to quilt every top if you really don't have time to do them all -- or, more importantly, if you would rather NOT spend every waking moment either quilting or feeling guilty about not quilting. Quilt the tops you're excited about quilting, and either put the others back into the cupboard or hire someone else to quilt those if you want them finished. But if you enjoyed the process of making that top and learned and grew in your skills and abilities while you were making it, then it doesn't really need to get finished in order not to be a waste. It's a gorgeous top and if you don't quilt it yourself, eventually it will land in the lap of another quilter who will be delighted to finish it for you!

  7. Oh Esther what a lovely wee quilt, love love the block and the colours. I do the same thing keep finding these quilts tops but I'm not bothered any more about quilting them, some one else will if I don't but it does bother me if I have not finished sewing the top. I'm quilting a 1930's Grandmothers Garden quilt for someone else who never finished it at present so if I'm lucky some one will quilt my tops 80 years later too. LOL. Cheers Glenda

  8. PS meant to say how much I liked the wee birds too?????? Glenda

  9. So beautiful quilt top, a lovely surprise!
    Thank you so much for the party Esther!


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