Wednesday, 9 July 2014

WOW: At It Again

WOW = WIPs On Wednesdays

It's a gloomy Wednesday here in my corner of the world, its morning but dark outside and the light is gloomy. I'm relying on my 'natural daylight' lamp and thank goodness I have it - I would not be able to do a stitch of sewing today without it. It's really liberated my sewing. You don't realise how invaluable these lamps are until you own one and can sew any time you feel like it, regardless of the lighting conditions. I've had a sew free week since last WOW as we've had a virus in the house - the long lingering knockout type. First my husband and then when he was feeling better, I went down with it. It's been hard to shake off and yesterday was the first day I felt 'normal' again. This morning I've wasted no time getting started on my next shumper. It's a gorgeous tree of life style design which reminds me so much of Klimt's artwork and mixes beautiful greens and beiges, I'm going to get so much wear from it.

Thank you to everyone who commented on my last shumper post, just before I went down with the virus. You were all so supportive and helpful regarding my Bernina 820 issues. I am at an impasse with this machine and will have to do something. It's the something which troubles me. You see, its not like the 820 is a good machine with an actual fault that can be remedied. Its clear to me now that the 820 model itself should not have been manufactured to begin with. That makes it hard to remedy. If I trade it in, I lose a significant amount of value and money. And I feel that this is a further insult - to be punished for buying the machine in the first place. But if I keep it, I have an overpriced machine which is, in the truest meaning of the term; unfit for use, unfit for purpose and as far as I'm concerned, unfit to carry the Bernina label.

It was very hard for me to admit that this machine model is just dreadful but now that I have, I'm glad about it. I have been contacted by numerous 820 owners who are tearing their hair out and facing the same issue as I am - this machine should never have been produced. I would just love to spend an afternoon with the engineer who manufactured it and talk him through why this machine is not worthy of the Bernina name. But for now, I'll have to make do with dusting off my trusty 1950's Elna. It's true what they say: they just don't make them like that anymore.

What's Your WOW ?


  1. Hope you feel better Esther, and I do hope that Bernina gives you some help with your machine.
    I lover your news lumper.
    Hugs Bunny

  2. Those shumpers are really attractive. I haven't sew a wearable garment in more years than I can remember.

  3. Best wishes for a quick recovery! Thanks for the party!

  4. I'm so sorry the new 820s are such trouble. The ones with the same model number from years ago are good machines that are still running well. I didn't understand why they would re-issue the same number to a new model; now I wonder if it was to discredit the old ones.
    I'm glad your still have your 1950s Elna to take up the slack until you can decide what to dol

  5. I keep looking at your beautiful collars. Although I no longer try making clothes for myself - I can make collars! Thank you for showing these.

  6. So are the collars interchangeable or do you attach them permanently to the main garment? Its a clever fix for the bad designing of ready made clothes. Why we get the big necklines is because to make the larger sizes, they aren't graded correctly to fit, they just take the regular size and if they add for the hip, they add everywhere else.
    Well the junk Bernina, if you look at it that you have already lost money, value, time and pleasure fighting with it, selling it really is just stopping further loss, you're not going to make up what you paid for it. Frankly even if I had the ridiculous amount of money new machines cost I wouldn't buy one. My Bernie is 70 years old and sews like a dream. I see the original 730 on Ebay and Craigs list every month or two, and for under $750. Buy and old one, it sews like it should and does beautiful button holes too.

  7. I can commiserate with you! I invested in a Bernina 850QE some months ago but it cannot stitch a straight line. To add insult to injury the dealer has no staff familiar with the machine .... they did however appreciate what I could teach them from my reading of the manual!

  8. I have a 750 QE. Every word that Esther has said reflects my thoughts and feeling to a "T". I have to make a decision about mine. Bernina just dinged me $500 to tell me all the problems I've been having since day one, two years ago were owner error. I feel RIPPED OFF. For me, I have the chance from my wonderful dealer to exchange it for a use Brother they loaned me for the last 6 weeks while the Bernina was in the shop. I not one bit of trouble from that. It is much ore basic, I have lost so much money, time, energy but the last six weeks there has been no cursing and tearing my my hair out, or seams unless they were my own mistakes.


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