Monday, 25 August 2014

LE: Turning Hearts

These are the hearts tucked in around the vases. I've been thinking and re-thinking the colours for months. Originally I would have gone with blue - and this was when I was thinking of a light and dark blue zig zag border throughout the quilt. But since going scrappy, I was really stuck. I considered pink of course, but all my pinks seemed too pink and clashed with the scrappy style of the rest of the fabrics I'm using. Then I found these fabrics in my stash, and they are the perfect balance of pink and a few other tones that keep them in harmony with my other fabrics without taking my quilt into a pink direction. Although I do love pink, there's a real danger of overtaking the mid tone colours with a few bright hues which would dominate and unbalance the overall 'look'. I'm really happy with these blender hearts now.

I purchased lots of fabrics when I started LE, but am surpised to find the best blenders in my own stash!

and I fussy cut through the fabric the get the colours and hues I thought would work best

I'm using wash away fusible for my applique pieces - it really speeds things up and I love the end results too


  1. Beautiful Esther love how you have your appliqué pieces so neat.

  2. It is amazing how this quilt dictates on what fabrics we use and I can see you are been dictated to after all those lovely fabric you brought LOL. It also looks like you are having fun and have ended up with the perfect hearts for your scrappy look. Cheers Glenda

  3. Love the color combo..... Border fabrics are so much fun to fussy cut - finally a use for them!

  4. Hola !!!me gustaria conseguir los patrones que tengo que hacer...Muchas gracias

  5. Beautiful choice, Esther. You so have the eye for color. Look forward to seeing them in place.

  6. This is just so fun to watch you do your quilt! Oh - and to ooh and ahh over your marvelous fabric choices!


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