Wednesday, 19 November 2014

WOW: Lily Rose: Making a Start

WOW = WIPs On Wednesdays

I've finally started Lily Rose. What am I doing? Well, I'm full steam ahead with LE and I need a project to break up that intensity, and Lily Rose fits the bill perfectly as I want to hang it on a lonesome door in my house. I just love this wall hanging. I'm so lucky - I get to see my patterns made even when I'm months away from making it myself! I feel like this about all my patterns. In the beginning, with my first ever BOM Red Delicious, I was making it along with the monthly pattern release. Since then, I have gone through bouts of intense quilt designing which means that I am potentially years behind on actually making some of my own quilts. 

And yet, this doesn't bother me any more. The more quilts I make, the more sure I am that its best to wait until you're in the right mood or time to make any quilt. I learnt this lesson with Love Entwined. I just wasn't ready to start when I felt that I should ....but then, when I finally did start, it was a real pleasure and just felt right. 

At the moment, I have three quilt designs in different stages of being turned into patterns. But in my spare time, I'm working on Lily Rose. I just feel like making it right now.

How do you decide which quilts you work on? Do you set them aside and select which ones you feel like making? Or do you feel called to make them as soon as you meet them?

What's Your WOW ?


  1. I only work on quilts when I feel like it - which sometimes means I don't touch a quilt for several months but I have so many I work on at the same time that they all get neglected at times but all get finished eventually

  2. Hi Esther I'm the same as Karen, I have so many WIP's I'm able to choose which one for the mood I'm in. But 3 years ago I decided to not start any new quilts and finish some of the ones I have then along came LE !!!!!! So I now have another WIP LOL. Glenda

  3. Love your blog by the way. I have so many ufo's that l have had to stop myself from starting anything new. But l have managed to keep sewing making dresses etc. This gives me think time to consider my next project (ufo) that needs finishing.

  4. Ditto what Karen and Glenda said...I have many WIPs and work on them as the urge strikes.

  5. I, too, have several WIPs. It is the process of creation that I love, so although a finish is nice, in some ways there is almost a feeling of loss when I finish a quilt I have loved working on. Thank goodness I always have a long bucket list!

  6. I appreciate all the work you show. I have to say the quilts I actually finish are the ones that "call" to me. I enjoy working on them. They are like friends I visit and enjoy playing with.


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