Monday, 14 September 2015

Di Ford's New Beauties!

I was on the way home from the hairdresser with my DD on Saturday when I decided to pop into Somerset Patchwork & Quilting store. It was on our way home anyway, and although I hadn't been planning on any more fabric shopping this year, I was hoping that some of Di Ford's beautiful new range would be available. Strictly just so I could have a look for myself. Well, once I'd set eyes on it, it was mine.
I went for this minty colour, it just spoke to me. I thought I would swoon for the red (and it's just as beautiful) but I feel that I have too many red projects on at the moment, and none in mint, so I opted for a whole new scheme to freshen up my ideas.
I have no idea what to do with this selection. At the moment I have it spread across a table and just lovingly look at it each time I pass. I know I didn't need more fabric, but sometimes I feel that a range comes out that must be had. I feel that way about this range.
And another thing, is it just me or are 'second prints' just not the same? I know I've purchased ranges on the second print and I've never thought they were as good as the first. What is that about?! This time around, I wasn't taking any chances.

Some stash busting rules are made to be broken, that's all I can say.


  1. The fabrics are beautiful, Esther! I know that in your hands these will turn into something even more gorgeous than they are by themselves. Did you buy yards and yards, or just a little of each? (Inquiring minds -- well, maybe just mine -- want to know.)

  2. I'm the same Nancy! 3 metres of the main minty one (otherwise I won't have enough to work with). Now I think I should have purchased 4 metres because the repeat in the pattern is sized larger. Usually I have a 3 metre rule on fabrics I love but don't know what to do with because anything less makes it un-usable later on. But now, I think that I should have purchased more in this case. The contrast and stripes are just .5 metre and 1.20metres of each, which will be enough to work with in any borders. I have a large mustard gold stash that's a good fit too. It's hard shopping when you don't have a project in mind! Karen from Somerset told me she won't re-order this range so that will have to do. I'll just have to make what I have work, and this fabric is so beautiful I'm sure it will.

  3. You have been very good. I bought 3m of the red, the cream, and the blue/green. So rare to get pillar prints.

    1. Yes, they're beautiful and I think you were right to get supply of each :)

  4. Oh goodness Esther thank you for posting... I've been wanting to see them - and, like you, knowing that I should not buy more fabric... Well now you've done it - they are a Must Have... On a very exciting note, Di is coming to the states in November and I'm all signed up for 2 workshops plus a lunch and a lecture with her! I couldn't be more excited! Now if we can get you here to teach too that would be fantastic! Thanks for the a Facebook Friend and for the blog post - xo Karen

  5. You'll design a new quilt just for this fabric and it will be lovely. The fabrics are beautiful, especially the floral design. Can't wait to see what you come up with in a few months.

  6. Those fabrics are GORGEOUS! I can see why you had to have them! I especially love that vivid large-scale floral with the red vases. It reminds me of ultra-high end screen print drapery fabrics by Scalamandré that retail for hundreds of dollars per yard. I know the quilting cottons are lighter weight, but if I interlined with flannel that could make some fabulous curtains for my studio... :-)

  7. Esther, those fabrics are spectacular! About seconds, I think the manufacturers strike them for lower priced stores so people that can't afford quilt shop prices can get them at chain stores.

  8. I can see why you couldn't resist those fabrics

  9. Oh My! This is beautiful ! Love the mint colour.


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