Wednesday, 18 November 2015

WOW: Working on Nelke

WOW = WIPs On Wednesdays
I'm serious about keeping Wednesdays (well, most Wednesdays) a day for WIPs, so I've made a start on Nelke. I just love everything about this quilt and buying the fabric was so easy too, I found the range at my local quilt store and knew it was for me. The colours really spoke to me. Although I purchased a background from the range specifically, I've been playing around with it at home and it didn't zing. I couldn't put my finger on my why exactly. Then, this past weekend, I went to the AQM and came across some end of bolt fabrics and snapped up a new background in soft white with some yellow dots on it - and it's a perfect match (above). So I got all inspired to get my Nelke top made. Today I've made a start.

I have no idea when my Nelke will get done. Of course I have no 'time' for her officially, but I've been quilting Oma's Blues non stop last week and just needed a break this week - its been so much work. So Nelke is my WOW break.

What's Your WOW?


  1. It was wonderful to read that you are back quilting Oma's Blues hopefully this means you have a machine that works now????? Looking forward to seeing your Nelke grow, just curious what does Nelke mean????? Love the rose in Glad Tidings and have printed it off just may be next year I will work on it. Cheers Glenda

  2. Can't wait to see this one progress. Love it.

  3. Your Nelke quilt is going to look fabulous. Looking forward to seeing your Oma's Blues when you have the quilting done and good luck with your machine.

  4. I've put Nelke on the list of projects, she is so pretty. I have wondered too what Nelke means. Blessings, Gretchen

  5. Love how you talk about your quilting 'and it didn't zing. I couldn't put my finger on my why exactly.' It makes so much sense to me! So glad you found the perfect background and things are moving along well for you now!


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