Monday, 18 January 2016

Hearts Desire: an applique adventure

This week I've been re-loving a quilt I made in 2010: 'Hearts Desire'. Bunny, one of the Moderators over in my BOM Group, shared some of her images (and if you haven't seen them, you really should, they're exquisite) and that motivated me to dig out some Hearts Desire images of my own. 

If Love Entwined is an applique triumph (and I really do think it is), then Hearts Desire is an applique adventure. There's a bit of everything in this quilt and it's one of those projects that leaves you better accomplished and more skilled than when you started, 'just because' you made it. It's the repetition which forces you to make 'your best' your standard. It becomes a kind of second nature. And now, looking back, I recognize Hearts Desire as my most important applique quilt - it took me to the next level, technique wise and forced me to find new ways to consider traditional techniques. It's the quilt that sent me off exploring new ways to do old things - in fact, I started using the 'freezer paper applique method' because of it and that drive to constantly re-consider techniques has stayed with me, even today. In fact, whilst Love Entwined is one of those 'once in a lifetime' quilts, it's really Hearts Desire that enabled me to even consider tackling such a design feat.
 It's completely domestic machine quilted
and the more you look, the more you see
Some people think I'm exaggerating when I describe the sheer magnitude of fabric in my sewing studio. Actually, I mostly underestimate it! So please, excuse the mess in this flash back pic of me working on the central applique blocks. 
And here's the finished quilt. It's won a few awards. People always ask me how many awards I've won. It's over 40.  But you know what? In the last few years I've stopped 'showing' the way I used to. The longer I quilt, the less relevant awards seem to me. I've already accomplished everything I felt I had to prove as a 'quilter'. Now, I just quilt. 
Like it? Make it! 
Hearts Desire is available as a instant digital download, set to print at home on A4 paper.


  1. It's beautiful! If I knew how to applique I'd make this for sure.

  2. I can totally relate to your statement that now you "just quilt". My quilting journey started 40 years ago and I won quite a few awards too. My main goals back then were to show a quilt in Houston and win a ribbon ( a first place!) and be featured in a quilting magazine. It was quite an obsession! Once I had accomplished that, it was amazing how much more relaxed I was and for the longest time now, I have "just been quilting" and loved it!

  3. If I was going to Start a new quilt this year, it would be this one.
    Kathleen Mary

  4. Gorgeous quilt and quilting!

  5. I adore the detail in this quilt, and you are right. the longer I look at it, the mor fabulousness I see!

  6. Oh Esther I so loved being part of Hearts Desire thats when our friendship started and since then I have made quite a few of your patterns. I have learned so much being a part of your group.. Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity. Hugs.

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