Thursday, 2 February 2017

Fussing Over Secret Garden Fabrics

Well I've been driving myself (and everyone at home) nuts with my fabric indecision. It was getting out of hand. The problem is I love everything in it's own special way and couldn't decide between a bright Fassett theme, a rich old gold antique theme or a light cream theme. The cream background I originally ordered online arrived yesterday - and is far too grey and dull to work. I ordered 6 metres of it, so I suppose it will come in handy for something - perhaps fabric painting.

But back to Secret Garden matters. Today I was browsing the Fat Quarter Shop and they got me with their 24 hour 'Flash Sale', and I only just snuck my order in. As of now, there's only 3 hours left, so if these fabrics take your fancy, get in quick!

This is the green I'm going to use, it's my background so I purchased 6 metres of it. If there had been a cream in the range, I probably would have coordinated 3 x metres of each and mixed the background up a bit, but there isn't, so I'm sticking with a single main background. And I love green and now I don't have to think about it and I'm relieved!
I also purchased this half yard bundle below and these are the fabrics I am going to use as my 'various applique' fabrics to use on blocks.
This beautiful range has slotted right into my vision for Secret Garden and I'm super excited to make a start and show off my first block. 

This fabric range is Jardin Gris by Robyn Pandolph


  1. OoOo thankyou thankyou thankyou :) I've been umming and ahhing and generally struggling but this is so helpful. Lots of useful little clues xx

  2. Beautiful fabric selection for your quilt!

  3. Lovely choice. Ah, but if we only had time to make the same quilt in every colorway that suits our fancy!

  4. Oh, my!!! Makes my heart skip a beat, Esther! Love your choices for your Secret Garden. Robyn Pandolph never disappoints! So glad you got in on the sale, too. Have fun!

  5. ooh. very nice. I am using bitsy backgrounds... very exciting!!

  6. I totally LOVE Robyn Pandolph fabrics!! Muted without being drab, soft as a country morning. They will look incredible on that green.


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