Sunday, 3 June 2018

'Love Entwined' by Barbara Baker

Barbara Baker of Canada has graciously allowed me to share these images of her 'Love Entwined' quilt with you all. Be prepared to swoon, it's utterly beautiful. She has called her quilt 'Love and Friendship' and has left off the swag border (the double bows) because she doesn't like swags. Fair enough! I must say, it doesn't detract one jot from this incredible work. The colours are a dream, so gentle yet so enticing. I love it when gentleness demands attention and Barbara has managed to create just the right balance.

The workmanship is incredible too. You won't be surprised to hear that this quilt just won "Excellence in Workmanship for Applique" at the Awards Ceremony of the Canadian Quilter's Association.
 Fabulous fussy cutting on the berry stems and the borderie perse is gorgeous too
 Aren't these colours just a dream?
And it looks like Barbara sailed through the most difficult block of the quilt (above) with those tiny swirling leaves. They look perfect!
 I'm sure you're also drinking in these details just as I am..
I'm in love. Thank you Barbara for allowing me to share your incredible talent and work with everyone here on my blog. 

You know, when I design a quilt, it's always a pleasure. But when I get to see that quilt made up, the pleasure is doubled. It really makes my day when quilters all over the world take the time to send me pics of their finished works. Thank you so much for taking the time to upload your images in the Group and for letting me use them. 


  1. Oh, WOW -- Barbara's applique is perfection and her hand quilting is magnificent, too. Stunning. I love that you showcase the quilts that other quilters make using your patterns, Esther! You are a treasure. I hope your back is feeling better!

  2. I had the pleasure of viewing this exquisite quilt at the CQA show and I absolutely agree with you regarding Barb’s appliqué skill and colour selection. The hand quilting perfectly compliments the design of this breathtaking quilt. Many thanks for offering your design work to us appliqué enthusiasts and sharing photos on your blog. Karen

  3. Truly magnificent! A labor of love.

  4. she made a beautiful quilt from a beautiful pattern!

  5. Hello Esther,
    Congratulations to Barbara on her masterpiece, it's absolutely stunning. The work is amazing as you study it. What an amazing design. Regards Mandy xx (

  6. i saw this on Facebook, it is just gorgeous, and hand quilted, incredible, beautiful.

  7. Really stunning! Thank you for sharing! Greetings, Mar

  8. It's perfection! Stunning! I am truly in love with it!

  9. I recognized this wonderful quilt from our trip to Quilt Canada on Friday. What a great show! And this quilt really stood out with its exceptional detail.


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