Wednesday, 6 June 2018

WOW: Sorting Out My Magazine Stash

WOW = WIPs On Wednesdays
Just after I started blogging, I gave up all my magazine subscriptions. That was back when blogging was enjoying it's 'golden' phase and blogs were so up to date, informative and interesting that I had no need for magazines. I ended up with only two magazine subscriptions in my home and they were both gardening publications.

But since I started volunteer teaching young sewers to sew generally (rather than quilting specifically) two years ago, I have slowly eased back into my former magazine habit. It's been useful and interesting at times, but my interest has started to wane again. Right now I have 14 quilt related magazine subscriptions, 8 sewing subscriptions, 3 home and garden subscriptions and it's all too much. There seems to be magazines all over my house and I'm over it.

So today I'm sorting through my 'donate' stash and my 'keep' stash and well, I got a bit distracted and started flicking through them. These are the magazines for 2018 from January to May alone. It's too much and I'm running out of space. So it's time for a sort out..

Am I odd ..or do you stash magazine subscriptions too?

What's Your WOW?


  1. At least your table was empty enough to sort them out on Esther LOL I cleaned mine up early this week but some how all ready its has stuff all over it and its difficult to find the cutting mat LOL I stopped all my magazine buying all so several years ago and put that money which was far to much in to fabric instead.!!!!! Cheers Glenda

  2. I love getting quilting magazines and look through them. Then I feel guilty about having a subscription and not making anything from it. So I don't resubscribe, until I want to look through more pictures. I guess maybe it did have something to do with availability of projects online, but mostly it is a matter of wanting to look at more variety and more projects.

  3. I have never subscribed to so many different magazines at once, but I do tend to save them. Then at one point I started going through them, pulling out the patterns or inspiration photos I wanted to keep, and putting them in plastic sleeve pages in a giant binder organized by whether it was a Patchwork, Applique, Garment Sewing, etc. Did not finish and still have a couple of boxes of old Quilter's Newsletter Magazine and back issues of Threads magazine. Just yesterday I spent a little time culling through those patterns that I had saved, realizing that I have zero interest in making them anymore, or I no longer need a pattern to make that quilt because I can now just look at it and understand what shapes to cut out and sew together. You know we are all peering intently at your photo, wanting to know WHICH magazines you are subscribing to, in case we've missed something fabulous all these years!! :-)

  4. Good day Esther,
    I have gone through magazine phases as well. Right now I have none! But I was just considering starting a few, or at least picking up some at the LQS. I am interested in submitting to a few magazines, so I need to see what their style is. I do get the online Modern ezine from Benartex when it comes out. I can understand how they can easily get away from you and start collecting! ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. even with the digital age, I prefer real life magazines. I can't get rid of them, as every time I look through them, I find something new I like.

  6. I used to subscribe to a couple of quilting magazines. I miss them but don't like storing them as well. Enjoy revisiting them before they are off and gone.

  7. I have a lot of magazines dating back to the early 90s, and one that was given to me that goes back to the mid 80s.

  8. You are a busy lady, Esther, and to keep up with all those magazines would require a lot of time. I have the local library link to Zinio which is free but I have to say, reading a magazine online is just not the same as having it in your hand.


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